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Ed Ruscha: “Five Views from the Panhandle”


“Five Views from the Panhandle”


The artist dedicated this portfolio to the memory of Marcia Tucker (1940–2006), Founding Director of the New Museum from 1977 to 1999.

“Five Views from the Panhandle” (1962/2007) is a suite of five photographs printed from negatives, originally taken by Ruscha on a road trip across Texas in 1962. During this trip, he documented the gas stations that lined Route 66 between his childhood home in Oklahoma and his current home in Southern California. Printed from the original negatives by Paul Ruscha and Philip Wegener in Venice, California, in 2006 and 2007 on Arista variable contrast fiber semi-matte paper, each print is mounted on museum board and presented in a custom-made, cloth-covered clamshell box.


“Five Views from the Panhandle,” 1962/2007
CONOCO–Shamrock, Texas
MOBIL–Shamrock, Texas
FINA–Groom, Texas
ENCO–Conway, Texas
Hudson–Amarillo, Texas
Suite of five silver-gelatin prints
Each: 14 × 14 in (35.5 × 35.5 cm)

Edition of 30 with 12 APs, 2 PPs, and 1 Achenbach proof
Colophon signed and numbered
Published by Carolina Nitsch for the New Museum

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