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Louise Bourgeois: The Young Girl


The Young Girl

With a career spanning much of the last century, Louise Bourgeois (b. 1911) is widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative and endlessly resourceful artists of our time. Her art plays upon such universal themes as the spiritual and physical lives of women with unsurpassed emotional depth and psychoanalytically inspired Surrealism. Bourgeois’s ongoing artistic narrative is marked by autobiographical elements, emotional frisson, and repetition to reveal an emotional truth through her art. In The Young Girl, she used a single oval plate, etched on both sides, each printed twice, on paper and on cloth, with the cloth hand-stitched to the paper. She has hand-painted each of the four impressions with gouache, watercolor, and pencil. Each work in this edition of fifteen is a unique variation.


The Young Girl, 2006
Drypoint on paper and cloth with hand coloring
14 5/16 × 20 3/8 in (36.4 × 51.7 cm)

Edition of 15
Each a unique variant signed and numbered
Printed by Harlan & Weaver, Inc.
Published by Carolina Nitsch for the New Museum

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