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Bruce Nauman: Untitled (New Museum Image)


Untitled (New Museum Image)
Cover Image:

Photo: Jesse Untracht-Oakner

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For Untitled (New Museum Image), Bruce Nauman took as his muse a wax mask of Rinde Eckert, the German actor who appeared in Anthro/Socio, a video installation that Nauman exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in 1992. To create his Fuji super gloss print, Nauman rephotographed Polaroid snapshots with his own fingers poking through the mask’s eyes and mouth. The honey tonality of the prints recalls the gold masks excavated from prehistoric Mycenaean tombs.


Untitled (New Museum Image), 1992
Fuji super gloss print
20 × 20 in (50.8 × 50.8 cm)

Edition of 150
Courtesy the artist and Leo Castelli Gallery, New York

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