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“Temporary Center for Translation” 2014. Exhibition view: New Museum. Photo: Benoit Pailley

Located on the Fifth Floor of the Museum, the Resource Center is a hybrid exhibition, study, and pedagogical space that provides a generative platform for presenting histories, in-depth research, and broader contexts for artistic and curatorial production. Overseen by the Department of Education and Public Engagement, the flexible space is programmed by a variety of practitioners: in some cases, shows are organized by Museum staff around the New Museum’s own historical documents; in others, it is occupied by artists, curators, educators, scholars, et al., who bring archival materials or projects from elsewhere. Materials examined range from archival documents, artworks, and other physical materials alongside presentations of digital content, such as video recordings of performance and discursive programs or film and video artworks.

The Resource Center also includes a publicly-accessible resource library with New Museum publications, select periodicals, and other books related to the institution’s research endeavors.

Open to all visitors during museum hours, the public is encouraged to use the area to engage in study and discussion.

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