SHOP TALK: Archiving Performance: Terms of Submission with a canary torsi

As residents of last fall’s R&D Season “Performance Archiving Performance,” a canary torsi—a group led by Yanira Castro whose work is anchored in performance—completed the archive of their project… Read more

by Travis Chamberlain, Associate Curator of Performance and Manager of Public Programs, Tara Hart, Digital Archivist, Yanira Castro, a canary torsi, Director and Choreographer, Kathy Couch, a canary torsi, Installation Designer
a canary torsi
Travis Chamberlain
Tara Hart
Digital Archive
R&D Season
Shop Talk-Archiving Performance

“Whose Terms? A Glossary for Social Practice,” Part 1/3

Lately, in the Department of Education, we’ve been considering how various indexes, particularly the glossary form, might be used to get specific about subjects that warrant further critical attention.… Read more

by Six Degrees Editor
social practice

“Shop Talk: Archiving Performance”

INTRODUCING THE NEW SERIES “SHOP TALK” “Shop Talk” is a new series on Six Degrees that examines institutional practices within art organizations through critical dialogues initiated by Six Degrees… Read more

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