(Temporary) Collection of Ideas around CHOREOGRAPHY

Six Degrees editor and New Museum Seminars co-organizer Taraneh Fazeli introduces the series “(Temporary) Collection of Ideas around CHOREOGRAPHY” in relation to the forms of impassioned study and… Read more

Indexing Liveness: The (In)Animacy of Performance

Lauren Bakst was the New Museum’s R&D (Research & Development) Season Fellow for the Fall 2014 Season devoted to the topic of CHOREOGRAPHY. In a series of three texts published on Six Degrees, Bakst… Read more

by Lauren Bakst, R&D Season Fellow
Lauren Bakst
Gerard & Kelly
R&D Season
R&D Season Fellow

In the Mirror of the Other

Continuing the Six Degrees series “Translation is Impossible. Let’s do it!” we present translator and scholar Samuel Wilder’s English language version of “Fi mir’at al-akhar” [In the Mirror… Read more

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