Saturday 05/02 12PM

Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Conference

Presented by Rhizome, the Seven on Seven conference pairs seven leading artists with seven luminary technologists, and challenges them to make something new together—be it an application, an artwork, a provocation, or whatever they imagine—over… Read more

Sunday 05/03 3PM

“Gender Talents” launch with Carlos Motta and guests

Join Carlos Motta to celebrate the launch of “Gender Talents,” a web-based project by Motta that engages movements and discourses for gender self-determination within trans and intersex communities internationally. The event will feature a screening… Read more

Thursday 05/07 7PM

Speculative Planning Session with Denise Ferreira da Silva, Rizvana Bradley, and Che Gossett

Presented as part of “Constantina Zavitsanos: THIS COULD BE US,” a project of the R&D Season: SPECULATION.

This event will… Read more

Friday 05/08 7PM

Alexander Provan presents Reality Formatting

At this performance, writer Alexander Provan will tell of a typical “expert listener” undergoing a test meant to refine the compression algorithms that underlie all digital media. He will place the audience within the sensorium of a middle-aged,… Read more

Saturday 05/09 4PM

DIS Whet Talks: McKenzie Wark on “Renotopia”

In this talk, writer McKenzie Wark will explore “how a new kitchen or bathroom became the outer limits of imagining the good life.” He observes: “Once upon a time, people aspired to build, if not brave new worlds, then at least pretty cock-sure… Read more

Sunday 05/10 2PM

“We All Hung Out”: Artists and Community on the Bowery

“We All Hung Out” is a panel discussion with David Diao, Mary Heilmann, and Billy Sullivan, moderated by Ethan Swan, editor of the New Museum publication Bowery Artist Tribute.

“Living in Chatham Square, on the Bowery…where… Read more

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