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Sister Spit: 2013 New York City Tour

Sister Spit is a literary performance cabaret featuring novelists, memoirists, Magic Marker artists, poets, torch song singers, performance artists, and others who use their work to tell radical stories from the queer, feminist, POC underground. Singing genderqueer faggots, hairdresser clowns, postapocalyptic superheroes, gambling lezes, cranky mermaids, and baby punks take the stage and serve you major reality.

Hosted by Beth Lisick with special guests Cristy C. Road and Sarah Schulman

Michelle Tea cofounded Sister Spit in 1994 as a weekly all-girl literary open mic. Almost twenty years later, Sister Spit brings its signature mix of performance and literature influenced by queer, feminist, and working-class perspectives. Tea is the author of four memoirs, including the award-winning Valencia, currently being turned into a feature-length film shot by twenty-one different filmmakers. She is the author of the poetry collection The Beautiful, the novel Rose of No Man’s Land, and the Young Adult fantasy tale A Mermaid in Chelsea Creek (just out on McSweeney’s). She has edited books on fashion, queer female and first-person narratives, and class. She is the founder and executive director of RADAR Productions, which organizes a monthly reading series, an annual writers retreat, and the international Sister Spit tours.

Ali Liebegott is the author of the award-winning books The IHOP Papers and The Beautifully Worthless. Her novel Cha-Ching! will be published by Sister Spit Books in spring 2013. In 2010, she traveled across the US by train to visit women poets for a project called The Heart has many Doors&mash;the ensuing interviews are published monthly at the Believer Logger. In addition, she works with RADAR Productions to help run the only free queer writers retreat in existence, THE RADAR LAB. She is also the founder of Writers Among Artists whose events and publications include Faggot Dinosaur and The Adrienne Rich Memorial Reading and Tattoo Extravaganza.

Cristy C. Road is a Cuban-American artist and writer. Blending her political principles, sexual identity, and social inadequacies, Road lives to testify the beauty of the imperfect. Her endeavors in illustrating and publishing began when producing the punk rock zine Greenzine for ten years. She has since illustrated countless record album covers, book covers, political organization literature, magazine articles, and more. Road has published an illustrated novel about high school entitled Indestructible, a postcard book entitled Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick, and Bad Habits, an illustrated love story about healing, drugs, gay nightlife, and her telepathic connections to the destruction of New York City. Road’s work has also been featured in the anthologies Baby Remember My Name: New Queer Girl Writing, Live Through This, Reproduce and Revolt, and countless other published works. She has toured nationally and internationally on her own and with Sister Spit. She is currently working on a tarot card deck with Michelle Tea. Her latest novel Spit and Passion (a graphic novel about coming out, maintaining cultural roots, and an obsession with Green Day) is due out on Feminist Press in the fall. She hibernates in Brooklyn, NY.

TextaQueen is Australia’s felt-tip superhero. Renowned for their use of the humble felt-tip marker to boldly re-interpret the tradition of the salon nude, TextaQueen explores politics of sex, gender, and identity in tangent with ideas of self-image and interpersonal relationships. Their practice articulates delicate interplays between vulnerability and empowerment, intimacy and exhibitionism, and subjective and collective expressions of feminist, queer, racial, and cultural identities. They have exhibited widely and wildly at galleries in Australia with acronyms such as MCA, PICA, AGNSW, GSCAS, ACMI, and GOMA, and internationally in New York, Chicago, Portland (OR), Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Montreal.

Daniel LéVesque is a Bay Area writer and performer. His debut novel, Hairdresser On Fire (Manic D Press), is arriving on bookshelves in early 2013. A 2011 participant of RADAR Productions annual LAB, his story “Excerpts from The Geographical Cure” is included in the anthology Pills, Thrills, Chills and Heartache: Adventures in the First Person (Alyson, 2004), under the pseudonym “El Lute.” In addition, he is an occasional contributor to Punk Globe Magazine. Danny is a repeat offender at San Francisco’s famed Porchlight Storytelling Series and the proud holder of the title “first boy ever allowed to tour with Sister Spit,” from back in 1999. He received hate mail from the ’99 tour, a memory he cherishes to this day, and would prefer more direct forms of heckling this time around. He lives in Oakland, CA, with the love of his life and their two dogs.

DavEnd is a tenderhearted, genderqueer, costume-designing, accordion-wielding songwriter, performing artist, and designer based in San Francisco. DavEnd has released two studio albums, How To Hold Your Own Hand and Fruits Commonly Mistaken For Vegetables, and for the past six years has been performing at queer teen centers, festivals, colleges, theaters, and backyards across the US. Between tours, DavEnd has designed costumes, danced in production numbers for songwriter Kimya Dawson, and appeared in Taylor Mac’s The Lily’s Revenge. DavEnd’s current project, Fabulous Artistic Guys Get Overtly Traumatized Sometimes: The Musical!, brings together the worlds of music and radical performance art in a theatrical extravaganza, exploring the effects of heterosexism and street harassment on the development of queer identity.


Education and public programs are made possible by a generous grant from Goldman Sachs Gives at the recommendation of David B. Heller & Hermine Riegerl Heller.

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