About the Education and Public Engagement Department


The Department of Education and Public Engagement links people with art and ideas, critically engaging contemporary artists and New York City’s diverse public. Our work cultivates growth—aesthetic, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual—through inquiry and strengthening people’s connections with themselves, one another, and the wider world.


Commitment to Collaboration and Learning: We aspire to bring a collaborative spirit to all that we do: learning from the insights and leadership of others, and sharing what others may be able to learn from us. We seek to cultivate transformative experiences with art and challenge ourselves to higher levels of learning and impact.

Dedication to Diversity and Integrity: We aim for ever-more inclusive access. Through our work, we strive to treat everyone we encounter with respect and dignity, learn from diverse experiences and perspectives across the lifespan, and remove institutional barriers to art and ideas. We seek to honor and uphold the power of individuals and groups to address injustices in art, culture, and society.

Culture of Innovation and Curiosity: We plan and create with a spirit of open inquiry, a willingness to take risks, and a commitment to continuous innovation, dialogue, and deeper understanding.


Convene: We bring people together through both familiar and entirely new methods, including experiences created with specific community and affinity groups as well as those open to all.

Dialogue: We develop space for dialogues that ethically and generatively span lines of difference, discipline, and understanding.

Learn and Teach: We build rigorous programs that foster growth for individuals and groups, often in collaboration with educators, artists, and learning communities.

Practice: We support artistic practice, pedagogical experimentation, and skill-sharing, catalyzing stronger relationships between diverse groups of artists, creative partners, and communities.

Research: We root all our work in rigorous, collaborative inquiry, and share our research through publications and programming, often in partnership with curatorial and archives colleagues.

Education and Public Engagement Staff:

Andrea Caldarise
Manager of Public Programs and Academic Outreach

Christina Chan
Manager of School, Youth, and Community Programs

Holly Harmon
Manager of Gallery Interpretation and Access Programs

Emily Mello
Associate Director of Education

Sara O’Keeffe
Associate Curator

Andrew An Westover
Keith Haring Director of Education and Public Engagement

Derek Wright
Senior Production Manager

Education and Public Engagement Fellows:

troizel d.l. carr
Teaching Fellow

Maggie Mustard
Marcia Tucker Senior Research Fellow

Mark John Smith
Teaching Fellow

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