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Brenna Murphy: CAVRNCODE

with sound by MSHR (Murphy and Birch Cooper)

Cover Image:

Brenna Murphy, CAVRNCODE, 2014 (screencaps). Courtesy the artist

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Note: This artwork must be downloaded in order to be viewed. Versions for PC and MAC are available. To view, download and save the files, and then run the “cavrncodepc” or “cavrncodemac” file.
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Portland-based Brenna Murphy produces virtual environments, installations, music, and collage in a continuous, overlapping, polymathic stream. Ambient, surreal, and participatory, the games she creates are like expanded mental spaces, where protagonists are encouraged simply to wander and explore.

Released with support by American Medium and presented through First Look, “CAVNRCODE” is an ambitious work by Murphy: a vast expanse of digital terrain, composed of a patchwork of psychedelic textures, tweaked out statues, and reverse-engineered horizons. Void of the goals and levels typical of games, instead, the work encourages intuition and ambling, inviting viewers to take a long, undirected walk and discover facets of this unique 3-D environment from different vantage points. Curator Ceci Moss has described Murphy as being “interested in the way consciousness and the brain respond to digital technology,” and that she “operates in tandem with her digital tools in a meditative process to produce repetitive, mind-bending mandala-like structures that play on the viewer’s concentration and awareness.” Indeed, the experience of “CAVRNCODE” works against the speed and informational overload of many online experiences: it is like a labyrinth built of tunnels of vision and multiple perspectives.

Describing her collages, Murphy writes: “I add and carve until the arrangement is balanced in a way that creates a perfectly cohesive vibrating ecosystem.” “CAVRNCODE” is a downloadable “vibrating ecosystem,” a unique synesthetic realm produced by a highly original and interdisciplinary artist.


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First Look is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Additional support provided by the Toby Devan Lewis Emerging Artists Exhibitions Fund.

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