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While the Museum is closed, we’ll be presenting online versions of selected videos by artists featured in our Screens Series program.

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Dynasty Handbag, Vat Do You Vahnt for Bwekfas?, 2017 (still). Video, sound, color; 2:39 min. Courtesy the artist

In 2016, the New Museum inaugurated a platform for the presentation of new video works by emerging contemporary artists titled Screens Series. Encompassing a combination of screenings in the New Museum theater and on monitors in the Lower Level walls, the series has presented artists working with a range of media—from 16mm film to computer-generated imagery (CGI). While the Museum remains closed due to heightened concerns around the spread of COVID-19, we will feature selected videos by Screen Series artists on a weekly basis, bringing art to the public at home.

Gregory Kalliche, The Greatest Arrogance, 2016. Single-channel HD anamorphic video with sound; 3:23 min. Courtesy the artist

Gregory Kalliche,The Greatest Arrogance, 2016
From “Screens Series: Gregory Kalliche.”

Ahaad Alamoudi, NIUN, 2018. HD video, sound, color; 7:03 min. In collaboration with Michael Mogensen. Courtesy the artist and Athr Gallery, Jeddah.

Ahaad Alamoudi,NIUN, 2018
From “Screens Series: Ahaad Alamoudi.”

Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, The Print of Sleep, 2016. Performance documentation, color, sound; 15 min. Courtesy the artist; Mendes Wood DM; Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala City; and Sies + Höke, Dusseldorf.

Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa,The Print of Sleep, 2016
From “Screens Series: Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa.”

Heather Phillipson, TRUE TO SIZE, 2016. One part of a seven-part HD video, sound, color; 1:57 min. Commissioned by Arts Council Collection, UK. Courtesy the artist.

Heather Phillipson,TRUE TO SIZE, 2016
From “Screens Series: Heather Phillipson.”

Dynasty Handbag, Vat Do You Vahnt for Bwekfas?, 2017 (still). Video, sound, color; 2:39 min. Courtesy the artist

Dynasty Handbag, Vat Do You Vahnt for Bwekfas?, 2017
From “Screens Series: Dynasty Handbag.”

Sara Magenheimer, Art and Theft (2017) (still). HD video, color, sound; 7:22 min. Courtesy the artist

Sara Magenheimer, Art and Theft, 2017
From “Screens Series: Sara Magenheimer.”

Virginia Lee Montgomery, CUT COPY SPHINX, 2018 (still). 4K digital video, sound, color; 3:30 min. Courtesy the artist.

Virginia Lee Montgomery, CUT COPY SPHINX, 2018
From “Screens Series: Virginia Lee Montgomery.”

Kate Cooper, Infection Drivers, 2019 (still). Video, sound, color; 7:29 min. Courtesy the artist

Kate Cooper, Infection Drivers, 2019
From “Screens Series: Kate Cooper.”

Helene Nymann, MOL (2017) (still). HD video, sound, color; 11:20 min. Courtesy the artist

Helene Nymann, MOL, 2017
From “Screens Series: Helene Nymann.”

Luiz Roque, Zero, 2019. HD video, sound, color; 5:30 min. Courtesy the artist and Mendes Wood DM

Luiz Roque, Zero, 2019
From “Screens Series: Luiz Roque.”

Randa Maroufi, Le ParK, 2015. Single-channel video, sound, color; 14:00 min. Production by Production by Le Fresnoy. Courtesy the artist

Randa Maroufi, Le ParK, 2015
From “Screens Series: Randa Maroufi.”

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