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Saturday 05/30/15 12PM-12:40PM


First Street Garden
Enter at the corner of East Houston Street and 2nd Avenue

Hinterland Arts

Cover Image:

Zhang Hongtu, SHAN SHUI, UNTITLED, 2013. Ink and oil on rice paper, mounted on panel, 48 1/2 × 135 1/2 in (123.2 × 344.2 cm)

Part of the ETH Zurich Future Garden and Pavilion program

The Asian American Arts Centre will bring artists and members of the Cultural Equity Group (CEG) together to speak about the need for a greater role for the art and culture of this city’s diverse neighborhoods and communities. This conversation brings to light what has been kept invisible, languishing in the underbelly of the inner city and forgotten neighborhoods. Founded in 2007, CEG is a network of art organizations of color whose cultures represent a significant population, if not the majority of New York residents. CEG was formed to address, at all levels of society, the inequity in funding and policies that negatively impact the preservation, continuity, and growth of our cultures, art, and communities. At this time, Int. No 419, a bill for developing a Comprehensive Cultural Plan for New York City has been written and is expected to be passed into law by the City Council shortly. Equity is finally on the agenda of NYC. Now is the time for open public dialogue and to begin a process to understand what “equity” will mean for our city and our nation. One of the featured artworks, SHAN SHUI, UNTITLED, is from the underbelly—a critique of our society’s direction.

UPDATE: This event has been extended. Following the talk at the ETH Zurich Future Garden and Pavilion, the conversation will continue at Teatro Latea on the second floor of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center at 107 Suffolk Street (1:30–2:30 p.m.)

Participating Organizations: Asian American Arts Centre , Cultural Equity Group of New York City

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