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Friday 05/03/13 12PM-1:30PM


233 Mott Street
New York, NY 10012 Directions

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Passport Project

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The purpose of Passport Project is to inspire young people, starting with Americans, to get passports, travel, and participate in global culture.

The reality is that sixty-three out of one hundred 18–24 year old Americans do not have a passport. Passport Project started as a group of friends trying to inject some flavor into the travel industry and combine it with social good. We weave our mission of pushing youth culture forward into everything we do. For example, our annual fellowship helps young, creative people have an international learning experience that develops their creativity in ways traditional study abroad programs could never do. We aim to connect American youths with their global counterparts, and give global creative culture a new look, a new soundtrack, and a new energy.

Our workshop is led by the Passport Project team and a coalition of friends from pop to street culture that are well known and respected for their creativity. This true and authentic experience covers the easy steps to get a passport, plan a creative trip, access the cool locals, and foster creativity while on the road. Show up early and grab a seat in first class.


The Passport Project workshop will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. in the cafeteria of the Old School.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for check-in, which will be through the red doors at 233 Mott Street. Pre-registered participants who are more than 5 minutes late will lose their seat to walk-up participants. Although unlikely, Workshop times and classrooms are subject to change.

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