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Saturday 05/07/11 6PM-4AM
Sunday 05/08/11 12PM-6PM


Old School
233 Mott Street
New York, NY 10012

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School Nite

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Photo: Craig Hayes

Restrictive allocation of city space foster partnerships between otherwise unrelated groups. Here, a vacant school is bequeathed to artists and cultural organizations for site-specific installations, performances, discussions, and lectures implicating hopes, insights, and fears for a Future City.


I Wonder What They Meant: a curatorial project by Amanda Schmitt
Immersive, interactive performances and installations by Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Danny Durtsche & Kristof Wickman, Amanda Schmitt & Myla Dalbesio, and Oliver Warden will engage and surprise the viewers, as well as sculptural work by Justin Adian, Benjamin Dowell, and Weston Ulfig, and a video screening room featuring work by Jillian Peña, Jonathan Ehrenberg, Martha Colburn, Ronnie Bass, and Bryan Zanisnik.

Visible Alternative: curated by Artist Accomplices
An exploration and exploitation of established systems of artistic validation, specifically of contemporary night life and the social orientation, Visible Alternative encourages audience participation offering a new-age Cedar Tavern redux.

Welcome to the future of doing every single thing with the person you’re closest too: an installation by the inseparable love cooperative.

Chairs of Berlin
Stephanie DeGooyer and Maegan Magathan present Chairs of Berlin, a slideshow exhibition tracing the shifting identity of Berlin through one of is most nomadic objects: the chair (featuring live, impromptu interviews with city planners, artists, and perhaps architect Bjarke Ingels).

Collective Show
Cruise, a showcase of artist groups from cultural capitals around the globe, including Reading Group No. 1 (New York), GIBS-MIR family (Zurich), Lima Zulu (London), Human Resources (Los Angeles), Delta Kame (Berlin), and Silvershed (New York/Los Angeles).

Commons Choir
Daria Fain and Robert Kocik will present a performance of the Commons Choir (fusion of choreography and prosody) and hold a Commoning Meeting (to discuss the current income inequity crisis).

New York Tea Ceremony
A custom-made tea party, imbued with gratitude for the metropolis with its continuous cycles of death and infinite possibilities of reinvention, is created by artist Daphane Park with sound compositions by Rachael Bell.

Eyelevel BQE
Two installations involving a telematic performance using the sense of touch between Paris and New York by artists Fabrice Metais & Annie Abrahams, and an interactive video painting created by Liubo Borissov by using a bespoke process of extracting motion and color from live video footage and using the outcome as a digital brush.

The Gowanus Studio Space
Boat Heterotopias: A weekend of water-related video art installations and discussion; and preview for this Summer’s marine festival: SeaWorthy. Co-organized by EFA Project Space, Flux Factory and The Gowanus Studio Space, SeaWorthy is a series of Workshops, Public Voyages and an exhibition of art, watercrafts and projects around and about New York City’s waterways.

Humble Arts Foundation
An exhibition identifying variations on mapping and abstraction to reveal unconsidered spaces by Joy Drury Cox.

Kinema Nippon: a curatorial project by Aily Nash and Nine Yamamoto-Masson
Conceiving of filmmaking as ethnographic activity, and the cinematic experience as dialogue, Kinema Nippon’s Amoeba City reexamines the Japanese metropolis and conceptions of urbanism in this time of crisis, ambivalence and rebuilding.

Nuit Blanche New York (tentative)
SOFTlab light installation will be presented in the courtyard portico.

PPOW Gallery
An installation by Bill Smith using visual and technological interfaces to show the chaotic structures but also the linked relationships that all things in the natural world share.

An evening of workshops taught by experts and amateurs on almost anything and everything one would ever want to know.

Also official Festival participant (see separate listings):
Hendershot Gallery
The Underground Library
Our Other Location

Categories: Exhibition, Performance, Screening
Participating Organizations: The Old School, The They Co.

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