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Saturday 05/30/15 12PM-6PM


Bowery + Stanton St. Directions

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Spider Web

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Photo Credit: Billy Joe Miller

Part of the street program

Artists Anne Apparu-Hall and Ted Hall, along with a group of friends, will present a “spider web” of talks, demonstrations, collectives, and workshops that will further a vision of a functioning, elated city: a city where we remember; a city where we are together truly; a city where we are inspired by each other; a city where sustainability is the rule; a city that is an organized jungle, nourished and run by children who learn from devoted supportive adults, who conduct scientific studies, who cook for the needy, and who play and contribute to this a new system. We will present and honor the Two Row Wampum treaty; make seedballs, mudballs, mycometeorites, ice balls, and more to remediate and heal the soil and water; and grow vegetation that is strong and supportive of this bioregion in order to feed and heal ourselves and clean the air. We will present a curriculum to be adopted by the city’s youth: as Green Scouts and Green Corps, we will form Green Hubs. All of these programs are based on our shared responsibilities as citizens who earn, learn, and act together in the city.

11 AM Leyla Mozayen will set up for an ongoing live performance that will map and represent the day’s presentations. She will be making a sculpture with found objects.

11 AM Julian Tree will present “digital natural resources” for people with creative souls.

12:30 PM Shig will share The Gist a way to change the world empathically.

1:15 PM Anthony Buscaino will take us through his permaculture design for our New York subway system.

2 PM “Spheres of Bioremediation and Earth Element Healing” will feature DD Maucher with mudballs, Gil Lopez with mychometeorites, and Ted Hall and Anne Apparu-Hall with seedballs.

3 PM Elana Langer will create an atmosphere of questions and affirmations exploring our ethics about food, drinks, and the way we live. Featuring Dance Deal.

3:45 PM Honoring the Two Row Wampum—the oldest treaty made by the Haudenausonee and the Dutch 403 years ago—we welcome you to our annual row and camp down the Hudson River.

4:30 PM Learn about Green Corps, a new identity based on FUNDAEC principles presented to New York City youths to empower themselves through training in sustainability for a resilient and united city.

5:15 PM Patricia Anne Dennis will present the Ceremonial Change Process, based on the translation of Native American teachings and wisdom for a natural change process and win-win relationships.

Participating Organizations: Anne Apparu-Hall, Ted Hall

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