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Sascha Braunig: Gyde


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Sascha Braunig, Gyde, 2018. Bronze sculpture, 7 1/8 × 5 3/8 × 13 3/8 in (18 cm x 13.5 cm x 34 cm). Edition of 15 with 4 APs, each signed and numbered. Photo Credit: Jesse Untracht-Oakner

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Sascha Braunig
Gyde, 2018
Cast bronze with hand-applied oil paint and patina
7 1/8 × 5 3/8 × 13 3/8 in (18 × 13.5 × 34 cm)
Edition of 15 with 4 APs, each signed and numbered
Photo: Jesse Untract-Oakner

We’re pleased to share a special limited edition sculpture by Sascha Braunig to benefit the New Museum. Referencing the woven meshes, skins, and corsets depicted in Braunig’s paintings, the sculpture continues a small, highly coveted series of bronze sculptures by the artist. Gyde takes the form of a masklike structure, meant to contain, protect, and decorate the face of the wearer, whom the artist sees as a female warrior looking out from within its loosely woven serpentine ropes. Gyde is hand-sculpted by the artist in wax and then cast into bronze from a two-part mold. In striking contrast with the mask’s hand-applied mint green patina, three spurs, each hand-painted by the artist in a radiant coral, protrude from the brow of the sculpture. Produced by Lisa Ivorian-Jones for the New Museum.

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