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Judith Shea: The Doll


The Doll

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“Cast of pale Hydrocal, the figure is a standing nude with long blonde horsehair tied into a no-nonsense ponytail. With her squarish proportions, flatly planted feet, and blank eyes, she recalls archaic Greek kouroi, the huge nude athletes set up as grave commemorations, except, of course, she’s small and female. Faux-breaks at thighs, neck, and wrists enhance the allusion to ancient statuary. With her head looking slightly upward, right hand clenched, and left open in a rhetorical gesture, she looks like she’s ready to question or reason with something or someone bigger than herself.” —Print Collector’s Newsletter, 1993


The Doll, 1993
Hydrocal, horsehair, wire
17 × 6 × 3 in (43.1 × 15.2 × 7.6 cm)

Edition of 40
Courtesy the artist and Max Protech Gallery, New York

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