Ensayos: DISTANCIA Season 2

Ensayos, Carolina Saquel and Camila Marambio, DISTANCIA Season 2, 2018-2020 (still). HD video, color, sound; 53:16. Courtesy Carolina Saquel. [Alt Text: winding rocky road and blue sky]

Season Two

As part of their digital residency, Ensayos premieres Season Two of DISTANCIA, a short-form video series created to be broadcast online that uses fictive and sensual qualities to illuminate human connections with a fraught landscape. Watch Season Two here.

Tierra del Fuego is remote to many in both physical distance and in the imagination, yet the archipelago at the tip of South America’s southern cone is deeply entangled with global social, political, and ecological conditions. Imagined and realized by Carolina Saquel and Camila Marambio, DISTANCIA contemplates life in and with Tierra del Fuego, countering narratives that presume meaning should be found primarily through scientific observation, documentary, ethnographic interpretation, and geographic analysis. Episodes decenter human exceptionalism, weaving suspenseful and quotidian sensations of the sounds and visual textures of the terrain, the wind, and the psychically-charged histories of human architectures. DISTANCIA draws attention to colonial violence written on the land.

DISTANCIA Season Two will premiere here on June 15, 2020

View Season One of DISTANCIA here:

Related program: Join the New Museum for “Ecofiction at the End of the World,” a conversation with Camila Marambio and Carolina Saquel, who imagined and realized the series, joined by collaborators, sound artist Ariel Bustamante and anthropologist Michael Taussig.

DISTANCIA Season Two Credits

Realized and Imagined by
Camila Marambio and Carolina Saquel

Sound Design
Ariel Bustamante

Production Design
Camila Marambio

Julio Gastón Contreras
Camila Marambio
Ivette Martínez
Carolina Saquel

Director of Photography
Matías Illanes

Matías Illanes
Carolina Saquel

Direct Sound
Sebastián Arce
Ariel Bustamante
Carolina Saquel
Nicolás Spencer

Image Editing
Carolina Saquel

Color Correction
Darío Ordenes

Sound Editing and Mix
Ariel Bustamante

Darío Ordenes

Sound Master
Ariel Bustamante and Pablo Thiermann

English Subtitles
Camila Marambio

Poster and Web Design
Rosario Ureta

Media Strategy

With appearances and participation of: Óscar Aguilera, Sebastián Arce, Ariel Bustamante, Reinaldo Catalán, Julio Gastón Contreras, Valentina Espinoza, Alberto Harambour, Camila Marambio, Ivette Martínez, Patricia Messier, Alfredo Prieto, Carolina Saquel, Nicolás Spencer, Michael Taussig, José Tonko and Cecilia Vicuña.

Special thanks to: María Jesús Gutiérrez de Val, Nina Lykke, Christy Gast, WCS Chile, Emily Mello, Andrew An Westover, Sebastián Arce, Ivette Martínez, Javiera Carmona, David Couve, Aharon Gibbs-Cohen, Nicolás Arze, Michael Taussig, Felicia Carlisle, Mo Gourmelon, Carla Macchiavello, SHE (Se habla español) Karin Schneider (, Anamaria Bresciani, and Philippe Eustachon.

Special credits:

Episode 1
« Al Jardin de la Republica » (1993), Mercedes Sosa
Composer: Virgilio Ramon Carmona
Al Jardín de la República © Warner Chappell Music, Inc
Radio broadcasting on Radio Porvenir FM 99.5 during our car trip from Caleta María to Porvenir.

Episode 4
Don Cata, archival images, Philippe Eustachon, 2017.

Episode 6
Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally: Excerpt from Frans de Waal’s TED Talk on Youtube


Original tracks “Cumbita” and “Minueto” by Sebastián Arce remixed by Ariel Bustamante.

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