Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon

Public Programs and Performances

(Justin Vivian Bond, My Model | My Self: I’ll Stand By You, 2015. Unique red carpet, barriers, red rope, photographer’s lamp, potted plant, books, two rolls of My Model | My Self wallpaper made in collaboration with George Venson of Voutsa, pink dress by Frank Masandrea (1947–1988), and performance, 93 × 95 3/4 × 78 3/4 in (236 × 243 × 200 cm). Courtesy the artist and VITRINE, London. Photo: Scott Rudd)!

Performances feature prominently in “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon,” with the premiere of a three-part musical by Morgan Bassichis that returns to the influential 1977 publication The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions, monthly performances by Justin Vivian Bond, and a series of performance-lectures on masculinities by Gregg Bordowitz. The exhibition also includes a special performance by Vaginal Davis titled Blick und Begehren [Gaze and Desire], and a new three-episode season of The Dyke Division of the Two-Headed Calf’s Room for Cream, the live lesbian soap opera presented at La MaMa theater in New York from 2008 to 2010.

Visit the exhibition page for more information about “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon,” on view September 27, 2017 through January 21, 2018.

Public Programs

What’s Wrong with Rights?
Panel Discussion
Thursday December 14, 7 PM

Triple X Feature Screening of Films by A.K. Burns & A.L. Steiner,
Kajsa Dahlberg, and Paul Mpagi Sepuya
New Museum Theater
Thursday January 18, 7 PM


Vaginal Davis: Blick und Begehren (Gaze and Desire)
New Museum Theater
Thursday September 28, 7 PM

Nayland Blake: Crossing Object (inside Gnomen)
Various Locations in the Museum
Free with Museum Admission
Friday September 29, 1–5 PM
Saturday October 7, 1–5 PM
Saturday November 11, 1–5 PM
Friday December 1, 1–5 PM
Saturday December 16, 1–5 PM
Saturday January 13, 1–5 PM

Geo Wyeth: Juice CrosxxxSing
New Museum Theater
Thursday October 12, 7 PM

Morgan Bassichis: The Faggots and Their
Friends Between Revolutions The Musical
New Museum Theater
Multiday Event
Part I: Thursday October 19, 7:30 PM
Part II: Saturday November 18, 7:30 PM
Part III: Sunday December 17, 7:30 PM

The Dyke Division of the Two-Headed Calf’s
Room for Cream Season Four: The Mini-Series
Various Locations in the Museum
Saturday October 28, 6:30 PM & 8 PM
Saturday November 11, 6:30 PM & 8 PM
Saturday December 9, 6:30 PM & 8 PM

Justin Vivian Bond: My Model | My Self: I’ll Stand By You
Lobby Window
Tuesday October 31, 5 PM
Friday December 1, 2 PM
Thursday December 21, 3 PM

Gregg Bordowitz: Some Styles of Masculinity
New Museum Theater
Multiday Event
Rock Star: Friday January 19, 7 PM
Rabbi: Saturday January 20, 7 PM
Comedian: Sunday January 21, 7 PM

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