(Temporary) Collection of Ideas around CHOREOGRAPHY

Six Degrees editor and New Museum Seminars co-organizer Taraneh Fazeli introduces the series “(Temporary) Collection of Ideas around CHOREOGRAPHY” in relation to the forms of impassioned study and… Read more

In the Mirror of the Other

Continuing the Six Degrees series “Translation is Impossible. Let’s do it!” we present translator and scholar Samuel Wilder’s English language version of “Fi mir’at al-akhar” [In the Mirror… Read more

In the Mirror of the Other

In Part 2 of the series “Translation is Impossible. Let’s do it!” we present the first of two commissioned translations into English of Moroccan philosopher Abdessalam Benabdelali’s text “Fi… Read more

VOICE: The Paradox of Non-Participation

In the following VOICE contribution, “The Paradox of Non-Participation,” art historian and curator Lauren van Haaften-Schick examines the long history of artists’ boycotts and strikes seen as speech… Read more

by Lauren van Haaften-Schick
R&D Season
Lauren van Haaften-Schick

Lessons on the Paradox of Translation

As part of our ongoing series “Translation is Impossible. Let’s Do It!” Education intern Chaeeun Lee contributes an essay framing a lesson on translation done with New Museum Teen Apprentice Program… Read more

Redacted Mind

Writer Joshua Craze contributes to our ongoing series “Translation is Impossible. Let’s do it!” with an adapted excerpt from his forthcoming novel, Redacted Mind. Introduced by Omar Berrada, Co-director… Read more

Introducing the series: “Translation is Impossible. Let’s do it!”

“Translation is impossible. Let’s do it!” 1 While at first glance this call to action might seem ironic, with knowledge of cultural critic and translator Boris Buden’s work one understands he is… Read more

VOICE: NaturallySpeaking

“The more you speak COMMA the better it learns to listen PERIOD” The following VOICE contribution, NaturallySpeaking (2013–14) by artist and writer Tyler Coburn, takes the form of an experimental… Read more

by Tyler Coburn
R&D Season
Tyler Coburn

VOICE: A Series of Speculations

The R&D VOICE Season launched in spring 2014 and has since presented a number of speculations around this thematic across the Education Department’s multiple platforms, including exhibitions, performances,… Read more

VOICE: Vocal Folds: Some Articulated Research on Voice

Kaegan Sparks is the Education Department’s R&D spring 2014 Season Fellow. Here she follows several lines of inquiry in researching the season thematic of VOICE, each thread delineating a distinct negotiation… Read more

by Kaegan Sparks, R&D spring 2014 Season Fellow
R&D Season
R&D Season Fellow
Kaegan Sparks
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