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Saturday 05/04/13 11AM-6PM


StreetFest takes place around the Bowery and in Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Directions

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Art in Odd Places 2013: NUMBER

Cover Image:

Cocoon by Sherry Alberti, Art in Odd Places 2011: RITUAL. Photo: Elizabeth Cheviot

Art in Odd Places taps overlooked and unnoticed public spaces as sites for temporary and ephemeral enchantment.

Odd places are the overlooked and unnoticed peripheries. They are also places created through alternative ways of looking at streets, parks, and squares in urban centers. Art in Odd Places taps these locations as sites for temporary and ephemeral enchantment. In so doing, it underscores the fact that the resilience of our environment requires spaces that are out of the continual spotlight, where oddness may be found, lost, and rediscovered. The projects for StreetFest are adapted from “Art in Odd Places: NUMBER,” curated by Radhika Subramaniam, which will take place in October 2013 along 14th Street.

Categories: Exhibition
Participating Organizations: Art in Odd Places

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