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Friday 05/29/15 8:45PM-8:55PM


The Aula
268 Mulberry Street (between East Houston and Prince Streets)
New York, NY Directions


Cover Image:

Photo: Nina Kuo

Part of the Aula Series A Performative Conference in Nine Acts

CorbuRuption, as part of its “Architectonics series,” will use I Ching–inspired animations and 3-D simulation generatrices to recompose past architectural styles of New York City, bringing our attention to the ways architectural shifts mirror the physical transitions within our city. The permutated articulation of forms with Le Corbusier–like organic shapes will create surreal, sculpted constructions that meld expressive electronic visuals and sound environments to build a global communal aesthetic. Fluid dynamics, physics, and pure mathematics will be utilized in this animation to create diverse solutions for our often robotic world. Dimensional space, motion, math, time, speed, music, and sound vibrations will be visible in these soundscapes, as technology juxtaposes abstractions into a tapestry that becomes a meditative journey through lost New York City spaces.

Participating Organizations: Asians in New York (Lorin Roser and Nina Kuo)

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