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Saturday 05/30/15 12PM-6PM


Sara D. Roosevelt Park near Houston Street Directions


Part of the Street Program

As a mobile space of love and secrets created by María Lynch and Daniel Perlin, Plush will invite guests to enter and explore its soft interior, which will contain secret and reactive sounds. Visitors will leave their ideas and words behind for others to hear, both onsite and online. These sounds will exist in a dreamlike environment, simultaneously reflecting and hiding the desires of those who engage within its space. Situated in the public sphere of the street, Plush invites users to privately and anonymously collaborate in the sharing of secrets regarding love and relationships. These secrets will then be redistributed—mixed and mashed up—both in the mobile space and on the internet.

“A unconscious imagination is framed, like a playground of the psyche or fragments of the imaginary. Delirious clumps and unusual amorphous entities are created, where all is curved, round, and tactile, condensed with my fascination with the world of innocence and the ludic. A mix of child’s play and fear, femininity, the home, and affective memory permeates all our investigations. The assemblage, the becoming, creates multiplicity that leads to open meanings, subverting established systems of logic and the discourse of rationality.” —María Lynch and Daniel Perlin

Categories: Architecture & Design
Participating Organizations: Storefront for Art and Architecture

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