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Saturday 05/30/15 12PM-6PM


Sara D. Roosevelt Park near Houston St. Directions

Rivington Migrations

Part of the Street Program

On Saturday May 30, the Speechbuster—a project by Storefront for Art and Architecture that migrates through public and private spaces, inserting moments of debate and discussion—will travel from its current place of residency at the Clemente to Sara D. Roosevelt Park through the streets of New York City into the 2015 IDEAS CITY Festival.

Rivington Migrations, choreographed and directed by Jonah Bokaer, who was recently named a Guggenheim Fellow, is a journey by sixty-four individuals who create various spatial configurations with the thirty-two pieces that make up the Speechbuster. Confronting the soft and hard natures of the Speechbuster, the bodies, and the city, the choreography will traverse the outdoor spaces along Rivington Street before entering into the park. It will move through the streets and engage with the urban landscape and passersby, triggering encounters and conversations through its multiple spatial configurations.

The Speechbuster is a fifty-four-foot-long mobile neoprene structure designed in 2013 by Jimenez Lai and Grayson Cox that transforms from a table with ninety-nine settings to a landscape of undetermined interactions. Featuring the same footprint as the iconic triangular space of the Storefront for Art and Architecture’s gallery, the Speechbuster represents and embodies the institution’s mission to engage with the production of culture beyond the gallery walls.

Categories: Art
Participating Organizations: Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center, Jonah Bokaer, Storefront for Art and Architecture

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