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Saturday 05/04/13 11AM-6PM


StreetFest takes place around the Bowery and in Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Directions

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In Art and Cooperation We Trust!

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Trust Art installation at the 2011 StreetFest, featuring Olek and the Bushwick Art Park project

In Art and Cooperation We Trust! is a collaborative open-air exhibition and public gathering organized by Trust Art for IDEAS CITY 2013 that brings together a network of New York City-based artists projects that share a common thread of ‘cooperation’.

Throughout the day, in an atmosphere of convivial exchange, we are looking to meet other other artists and creative organizations with cooperative leanings, and discuss their own creative work, to see where connections can be made. So come ready to share your cooperative ideas!


Trust Art will present an electronic information sculpture that will update throughout the day with the names of artists, activists, organizers, lawyers, coders, designers, writers and other supporters who check-in at the installation and offer any advice for Trust Art as it looks to launch, a funding network for public art projects—jointly owned and controlled by its active participants—and an ‘organizing kit’ for internet-scale cooperative organizations.

Artists Sol Aramendi, Barrie Cline, and collaborators, will launch a print publication showcasing writing and photography by unionized construction workers (from the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School for Labor Studies) in collaboration with undocumented immigrant workers (from New Immigrant Community Empowerment). The publication, in tabloid form, focuses on the topic of workplace safety with the goal of creating a discursive common ground between the two groups.

Lanchonete is a five-year project that looks at where capital ‘lives’, both conceptually and by focusing on a working class restaurant in the center of São Paulo. Lanchonete reinterprets the artist residency template; acknowledges the consequences of organizational form; and deeply considers the role of artist as outsider and social witness in complex urban environments. Members of the Associação Espaço Cultural Lanchonete will interact with festival goers from behind a (lunch) counter, borrowing from the methodology used to engage neighborhood residents in São Paulo in order to have their input and permission to do Lanchonete, while instigating, encouraging and discovering untapped capital in the people and projects gathered in the Bowery.

Artists Jason Gaspar, Ben Garthus and Melissa Branfman will present a portable version of their project “Systema Naturae: Ethnobotanic Revisions and Collective Actions”, a temporary garden in Flushing Meadows Corona Park that considers herbs, their migration, and how they can help us reevaluate history and the telling of the American story.

Artist Moira Williams will present a prototype of “Homegrown Security”, an upcoming project in Bushwick/Ridgewood that invites community residents who are speakers of endangered languages to care for window box planters with the goal of harvesting endangered seeds that can be contributed, along with their personal stories, into a network of community seed libraries. Planted window boxes will adorn the police barriers that demarcate the installation space. Moira will hold a non-gmo and open-pollinated seed swap/donation drop throughout the day to grow the seed library.

Artist Thea Lanziero will present a sculptural installation based on Biophilia, the innate bond between humans and other living systems, inspired by E.O. Wilson’s noted publication Biophilia and the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity. By up-cycling found wooden palettes as structural support for organic non-GMO plant life, this installation will serve as a platform to simultaneously discuss urban/vertical guerrilla gardening (producing free and healthy food), issues surrounding seed manipulation, mass food production, and the outcomes that directly affect our overall health and well being.

Artist Leon Reid IV will make a sculptural intervention called “Rising Homicide” that addresses gun violence in America. The piece creates the illusion of an outline in chalk, bounded by “crime scene” tape, rising from the pavement.

Artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos will launch MARK-IT, an app-based participatory project inviting New Yorkers to use their geographic movements in the city to create a collective ‘abstract’ drawing. Once participants download the app on their phone and choose a color, their movements are continuously plotted on a virtual canvas of the city creating an organic matrix of lines over lines over the 30 days of the experience. At the end of the project, all participants receive a digital numbered edition of the final drawing.

Artist Jon Morris from The Windmill Factory will collaborate with Adam Collignon to present Untapped Potential: future door. An interactive installation which invites passersby to discover the most important form of untapped capital on the planet.

Photographer Wyatt Gallery will reward festival goers who sign up to volunteer with Occupy Sandy relief efforts with special edition prints of his photographic work, which has raised awareness and funding for communities affected by natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy.

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