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Saturday 05/04/13 11AM-6PM


StreetFest takes place around the Bowery and in Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Directions

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PITCHAfrica RAINCHUTE Campaign, Kenya, 2012

PITCHAfrica’s RAINCHUTE Campaign literally turns military hardware upside-down to capture the rain. Most of the 320 million people in Africa who do not have access to clean water live in regions where it rains at least as much as in London! Without ways of capturing the rain, people are left without water when the heat evaporates the precipitation.

RAINCHUTES turn decommissioned military arms and ammunitions chutes into low-cost, portable, rainwater-harvesting canopies that can collect enough water in a semi-arid region to support an entire family year-round.

In our current campaign in Kenya, RAINCHUTES are used in schools to teach rainwater harvesting to children. PITCHAfrica’s IDEAS CITY installation will exhibit three RAINCHUTES transformed by British artist Lisa Milroy into flower-covered, three-dimensional paintings produced for our 2013 awareness-building campaign.

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Participating Organizations: PITCHAfrica

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